Eastern BBQ Contest is an official KCBS certified event. This means we follow the KCBS rules and regulations. You can download the rules here.


  • The organization can not be held accountable for accidents, thefts. 
  • Teams are not allowed to sell products, food or drinks during the contest. They who are interested in making sales can purchase a vending license to become a vending team. Contact us for more info.

Terrain regulations

  • Campers/trucks/mobile home’s/mobile kitchens/food trucks… are allowed on the terrain. 
  • Vehicles can enter the terrain for unloading purposes only! No vehicles are allowed on the terrain and must park in the designated areas. 
  • UDS’s or BBQ’s may not be placed underneath a tent. They must remain in open air at all time. 
  • UDS’s or BBQ’s which have direct contact with floor must be placed on bricks or other fire resitent materials so no damage is done to the floor 
  • Quiet time: 23h00 – 07h.

Waste management

  • A large container will be placed by the organization for ashes. 
  • Every team will be provided with one designated container and two (2) waste bags with a volume of 120L. 
  • Teams can buy additional bags of 120L on site for €5/bag 
  • Only waste bags provided by the organization are allowed. 
  • Teams must centralize their waste the designated area on the competition area. More info will follow on the teams captain meeting.

Safety regulations

  • Teams who do not comply to the following safety regulation can’t start the competition. 
  • Every team must be in possesion of a 5Kg fire extinguisher. 
  • Every team must be in possesion of a fire blanket. 
  • Every team must be in possesion of first aid kit. 
  • Electric or propain-gas divices for heating or cooking are not allowed on the competition area.


Payments can only be made online via wire transfer with your registration. We don’t accept any offline payments anymore. Once your payment is accepted your registration is complete and your place in our competition is guaranteed.


Registering to our competition goes with a full commitment. Therefore we do not accept cancellations of any kind on any given moment towards our competitions. A registration is final.