30/03/2018 – 16h teams only

Arrival early birds KCBS , SCA  and Whole Hog competiting teams

Teams who can already arrive on 30/03/2018. Arrival on friday is only permitted prior to a reservation. Please contact us via email if you want to arrive on friday.


31/03/2018 – 8h teams only

Check-in booth open

The check-in booth will be located on the parking lot across from the venue. It’s NOT ALLOWED to enter the venue directly with your car. You need to check in first and we will guide you to your spot on the venue. Please follow these steps of the check-in procedure:

  • do not enter the terrain direcly upon arrival
  • park your car at the reserved area
  • check in at the booth on the parking area
  • wait for instructions to enter the terrain

31/03/2018 13h

Bar open for EVERYBODY and open for visitors

31/03/2018- 11h – 18h


11h – 14h: Education Jury SCA

14h: Cooks meeting and steak choise

15u30: Jury meeting

16h-16h30: Turn in Steaks

18h: Awards ceremony


14h30 jury meeting

15h judging whole hog

18h30 Awards ceremony


31/03/2018 17h    teams KCBS

Cooks meeting

A cooks meeting will be held. We welcome all team captains at the judging area.

31/03/2018 18u30 teams (afther the Awards ceremony SCA and WHOLE HOG)


A complementary reception with beer , fries and flemisch stew. You’re invited to come over!

Concert BIG IN BELGIUM for everybody

31/03/2018 23h teams

Quiet time

This is still a competition and quiet time must be respected. Those who don’t run the risk of being disqualified for the competition. Quiet time will be from 23h until 07h.

01/04/2018 07h07 teams only

07h07 at the bar and breakfast

To start the competition day officially we invite all teams at bar for a 7-o-7 for good luck. A complementary breakfast will be given.

01/04/2018 10h Open for visitors

D-day, contest open for visitors, Eastern surprise

Doors open for the public.

01/04/2018 12h till 14h30 open for visitors

Turn in chicken

  • 12h00 – turn in chicken
  • 12h30 – Turn in pork ribs
  • 13h00 – Turn in pork
  • 13h30 – Turn in brisket
  • 14h30 – Turn in burger chef choise no limits

01/04/2018 18h00 open for visitors

Award ceremony

Everyone is expected to be present at the bar for the award ceremony.